Our Team

We have assembled some of the greatest and most talented staff that we can't wait for you to meet.

Skin Therapists

Our highly skilled skin therapists partner with you to improve skin fitness on multiple levels, with highly refined strategies.

Massage Therapists

A greater understanding of the human form, attention to detail, and generosity of energy are just a few of the things that put our therapists above the rest.

Hair and Make-up


European flair abounds! If you are looking for the ultimate in sophistication and elegance look no further. Whether it's a classic cut or subtle color Ella creates timeless beauty for everyone. While each guest welcomed at Luxe is unique, Ella's attention to detail, unfaltering skill and taste always deliver flawless results. You can't help but be impressed by this level of artistry and class.


Already a well seasoned and super talented make-up artist Tori is a newly minted and intensely LuxeTrained hairdresser. Not only can and will she take your cuts and colors to the next level, she can help you pull the whole look together. With loads of style and a willingness to please, her taste and skill are above par; just ask her clients who know and love the work she's created. Not only will you leave looking amazing but you want to be her new BFF. Don't Miss this 'style- a- nista'!


A little over a decade of hair, make-up, and training rookie hairdressers has earned Elizabeth an intuitive, subtle, and sexy design style for her ever growing clientele. You'll never be bored while you're in her chair. Elizabeth's vast knowledge of color-technique and penchant for finding the right shape will keep you coming back for more. Trends come and go but when the style is tailored for the individual in a sensitive and fashion savvy way you know you've had the experience that is Elizabeth.


Ahh, the shampoo is the best part... We have the nicest and hardest working shampoo girls that help make all the magic happen. You'll love the awesome scalp spa. —Don't blink or you'll miss these shooting stars on their way to hairdresser heaven.