Our Team

We have assembled some of the greatest and most talented staff that we can't wait for you to meet.

Skin Therapists

Our highly skilled skin therapists partner with you to improve skin fitness on multiple levels, with highly refined strategies.

Massage Therapists

A greater understanding of the human form, attention to detail, and generosity of energy are just a few of the things that put our therapists above the rest.

Hair and Make-up


European flair abounds! If you're looking for the ultimate in sophistication and elegance, look no further. Whether it's a classic cut or subtle color, Ella creates timeless beauty for everyone. While each guest welcomed at Luxe is unique, Ella's attention to detail, unfaltering skill, and taste always deliver flawless results. You can't help but be impressed by this level of artistry and class.


Becca’s favorite thing about hairdressing is "how the tiniest detail can make the biggest impact." She rightly earned her chair on the floor at Luxe. With 3 years of experience training, and absorbing all that Luxe has to offer, she has an ineffable predilection for every detail. Meticulous color formulating and application is her strong suit. Kind, smart, and thorough, she listens closely to every client, processing their wishes and desires and then accurately delivers!


The fastest, best, and least painful waxer ever! Laini has 19 years of experience in facials, microdermabrasion, peels, extractions, waxing, and product knowledge. Laini has been impressing clients and keeping them coming back for more for many years. Let her customize a facial program, schedule, and skin care regime for you and reap the rewards: more beautiful skin!


A little over 2 decades of experience doing hair, make-up, and training rookie hairdressers has earned Elizabeth an intuitive, subtle, and sexy design style for her ever growing clientele. You'll never be bored while you're in her chair. Elizabeth's vast knowledge of color-technique and penchant for finding the right shape will keep you coming back for more. Trends come and go, but when the style is tailored for the individual in a sensitive and fashion savvy way, you know you've had the experience that is Elizabeth.


Endermologie extraordinaire! Spa trained; Once she discovered endermologie, she herself became a passionate devotee. Oksana believes wholeheartedly in a healthy lifestyle and sees every day how endermologie is a crucial piece for those of us fighting the good fight of aging, gravity, and gluttony. Her favorite part of performing endermologie lipomassage is helping her clients reach their aesthetic and health goals that they could not have otherwise. Endermologie is a state of the art, scientifically proven, non-invasive way to eliminate fat retention, cellulite, and loose skin. Endermologie also restores elasticity, dramatically increases blood flow, and stimulates lymphatic drainage, resulting in revitalized, soft, and smooth skin.


Ahh, the shampoo is the best part... We have the nicest and hardest working shampoo girls that help make all the magic happen. You'll love the awesome scalp spa. —Don't blink or you'll miss these shooting stars on their way to hairdresser heaven.